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If People are interested in a TA tourney, comment on this post
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Oct 29th/2016 - 10:05am by Yoshiandlugia   
Special Anniversary: 1000 th snesot member has just registerd!
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The ASTP-Tour is back with Snesot's first Super Tennis LIVE Tournament !!
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To SNESOT users!
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Fank009's News update issue 41 ($29.99 ??!!??)
Tournament Info - Tetris & Dr. Mario
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Starfox Starwing Corneria - Music Arrangement - Authentic Version
Made in high quality with 32-bit Stereo soundfonts! Composer: Hajime Hirasawa Arranger: Gabriel West
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Killer Instinct Maintheme - Extended Remix in 32bit High Quality
Misc - Killer Instinct
Remix made with 32-bit soundfonts. Orig.Composer: Robin Beanland & Graeme Norgate Arranger: Gabriel West
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Top Gear Frankfurt Theme Arrangement
HQ Authentic Version - created with 32MB Stereo Soundfonts
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Cocatriz vs. Wayze - GS
Tournament Match - Super Mario Kart - 20XX GV1 - NTSC
1 com.  Jun 25th 10:26pm by Cocatriz   
GW vs Nev - GW Open Final Highlights with award ceremony!
Tournament Match - Super Tennis - Match Race - NTSC
Very exciting match highlights of a classic one, as inspiration for the upcoming Wimbledon Lawn tourney! One of my biggest rivals Nev from Argentina was playing me in the Gerry Weber Open Final back in the days. (we've faced each other 21 times on the tour so far!!) Hope you gonna enjoy it! Pls poste your rallye of the match by comment below. (in min:sec)
3 com.  Jun 22nd 06:23am by Gabriel_West   
MrGuinas vs Hawk
Practice - Rock N Roll Racing - VS Mode - NTSC
A TIE ???? Fantastic game!!! Road to 4000 points!!
0 com.  Apr 26th 11:06am by MrGuinas   
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Hello there, I won't sign up to GP PAL but I'll probably join battle Ntsc in january/february. See you then ;)
Dec 5th 03:10pm
Since it has been difficult finding enough players for the Tetris Attack tournament, feel free to send me a DM using Discord if you would like to play a few matches sometime. NaN#0599
Dec 1st 08:15am
New Super Tennis tournament sign up stage added!!! Startdate: December 2nd. See rules fpr some minor game mode changes and notice that from now on, you can make use of our new Facebook Super Tennis group to arrange your matches. -> https://www.facebook.com/groups/394443963950168/
Nov 23rd 01:27pm
Level 5 is looking like the level so far. Just 2 more people and Ill open sign ups
Nov 20th 10:20am
@sysco I can play our match tomorrow and Friday from 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM. Saturday from 1:00 PM anytime after. Hopefully we can get it done these next 3 days. Snesot time.
Nov 9th 03:38pm
Hopefully three more people sign up soon. I agree. Level 8 is a common level
Nov 5th 06:21pm
Once 3 more different people comment, I will open sign ups for Tetris Attack. It seems 8 is the favourable level so far
Nov 5th 03:46pm